Industrial Covers and Facades

Specialized in the industrial type enclosure, we apply an innovative work methodology that guarantees sustainability, durability, aesthetics and comfort agreed with our clients.

  • Advice on roof and facade systems.

  • Development of Projects with tools in 3D.

  • Construction and planning of systems designed in envelopes and auxiliary structures.
  • Optimized construction of enclosures.
  • Development of projects optimizing execution times.
  • Design of new systems depending on the requirements of the projects.

Architectural Facades

We deal with the manufacture, in own facilities of more than 10,000 m2, and the assembly of complexes and diverse systems of architectural envelopes.

  • Manufacture and assembly with diverse systems.
  • Advice on technical solutions optimized for each project.
  • Systems design according to customer needs.
  • The safety of our systems guaranteed by CE benefits.

Metallic structures

We design and build large and complex projects with a team highly qualified and prepared to perform any type of complex construction.

  • Development of projects with technological support and specific software.
  • Construction and planning of systems designed in auxiliary structures.
  • Optimized construction in price.
  • Development of projects with reduction of execution times.
  • Design and realization of structural solutions according to the requirements of the projects.
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