About us

Nexometal is a leading company in the specialty of architectural envelopes, as much of cover of last generation with the implementation of solar technology, as in all type of systems of facades in aluminum, steel and glazing.

The management team is channeled through the various work units of structures, roofs and industrial facades and architectural facades. You can see the company dossier here

Nexometal stands out for its:

  • Technical competence: It was essential in the origin of our activity, and it is one of the Group’s strengths that we make available to the projects of our clients with whom we establish long-term partnership relationships.

  • Human Team: Our human resources policy is focused on the search for talent, the development of skills and the evaluation of their performance.

  • Diversification: We live in the constant search for new opportunities that allow us to properly value our global values in new markets and sectors.

We develop our own engineering and optimize production

Nexometal belongs to the Ingemetal Group, made up of several companies, specialized in different activities. Ingemetal founded in 1981, as one of the main and most recognized companies of metallic structures of our country.

The company is conceived under two premises; The engineering development and quality of production, which have allowed us to overcome the most difficult moments.

One of the great values that Nexometal brings is its innovative organizational and business structure.

Nexometal contributes value to the projects and finds the best technical solutions assuring costs, deadlines and qualities.

You can see the company dossier here